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Looking for a Proven Private Event Photographer in the Greater Chicagoland Area?

A J Fotography

Who Are We?

Professional photographs of milestone events capture a moment in time – a wedding, a family portrait. Wouldn’t you want an expert to ensure every detail is perfect? A J Fotography is an established and experienced photographer serving clients across the greater Chicagoland region and beyond. We’ve been offering superior quality from our custom lab since 1978, giving our friends and neighbors portraits to cherish and visual memories to love for a lifetime.

Partnering With Us

Capture Lasting Memories

An experienced private event photographer does so much more than snap a picture – with an eye for detail and the technical knowledge to ensure the perfect still, the professional photographers at A J Fotography understand just how to commemorate those special occasions.

Our company takes pride in serving our clients with fast printing times, custom mounting, and delicate digital touch-ups or revisions, courtesy of our custom lab and the skill of our photography experts. We can take premium quality photos for weddings, school portraits, sports leagues, engagement announcements, baby’s first photos, and much more.

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If you have any questions regarding A J Fotography or the services we can provide to clients across the greater Chicago, IL region, we invite you to contact us today!