Special Events

Looking for a Professional Special Event Photographer in the Greater Chicagoland Area?

Special Event Photographer

Commemorate Your Event

Graduation, prom, homecoming, engagements, recitals – any special events you’d like to commemorate can be captured with the professional services of a special event photographer at A J Fotography. Our team works with individuals, schools, and groups to deliver posed photos and candid shots that capture the fun and happiness of your special time. We’re available to serve clients across the greater Chicagoland region and beyond.

Professional Digital Studio

Enhanced Images

Choosing a special event photographer for your corporate golf outing, holiday party, company board meeting, or even recreational sporting event can make a difference between having pictures that showcase participants at their best angles and blurred shots from a camera phone.

A J Fotography has a professional digital studio that enhances images to their finest picture quality, to be delivered in a few days or by mail.

Take the Next Step

If you’re serious about photographing your next special event, we invite you to contact our professional team for a custom quote today!